Bark Dust

One of the best ways to improve your yard is to simply spread bark dust over the open spaces in your flower beds will make your plants and flowers look fresh all year long. Fir and hemlock barkdust are the most common and both are available in a variety of sizes and shades (including orange and light brown), but for the finest and most natural look, All About Landscape Supply recommends going with a fine dark fir.

That does not mean a bright look is the wrong way to go. While dark fir gives your yard a forest like feel, the larger, brighter barks give your yard a younger mix and also lasts a bit longer. After we spread the dark bust, in a couple weeks it will settle.

Our landscaping supply store produces and sells barkdust to both landscapers and the public. If you need your landscape materials delivered, you can count on our landscape supply delivery in Oregon City, OR and the surrounding areas. Please call (503) 632-2275 for more information about our affordable rates.